Austrian Netherlands Brabant 1754 One Ducaton Maria Theresia Coin Type 2 Hand Mintmark

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Obverse: Maria Theresia bust right
Obverse legend: “MAR•TH•D•G•R• JMP.G•HUN•BOH•R•”
Engraver: Jacques Roëttiers
Reverse: Crowned shield with composite arms of Hungary, Bohemia, Brabant and Milano
Reverse legend: “ARCH•AUS•DUX BURG•BRAB•C•FL• 1754”
Engraver: Jacques Röettiers
Country: Austrian Netherlands
Denomination: 1 Ducaton
Year: 1754
Mintage: 299,100
Mint: Antwerp (hand mintmark)
Metal: Silver
Weight ±: 33.36 g.
Diameter ±: 41 mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed !
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