AH 799 Islamic Mamluk Burji dynasty Æ Fals al-Zāhir Barqūq Coin

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Obverse: Arabic inscription in field, third and fourth line of field inscription divided by chalice, all enclosed by scalloped circle
Obverse legend: “ب بد / ضر مشق / تسع و / سنة تسعين / و سبعمائة”
Reverse: Arabic inscription in field
Reverse legend: “السلطان الملك / الظاهر ابو سعيد / برقوق خلد ملكه”
Denomination: Æ Fals
Country: Mamluk
Ruler: Al-Malik Az-Zahir Sayf ad-Din Barquq (Arabic: الملك الظاهر سيف الدين برقوق‎) (ruled 1382–1389 and 1390 –1399) was the first Sultan of the Mamluk Burji dynasty.
The name Barquq means "plum" in Arabic, and was taken by Barquq on his arrival in Egypt.
Year: 799 AH (AD 1397-1398)
Metal: Cooper
Weight ± 4.82 g
Diameter ± 21.84 mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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