AH 157 Abbasid Caliphate Silver Dirham Al-Mansur Muhammad al-Mansur Islamic Coin


Obverse: legend
Obverse legend: مركز الدائرة :إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له
Reverse: legend
Reverse legend: مركز الدائرة :محمد رسول الله
ال الهامش :محمد رسول الله أرسله بالهدي و دين الحق ليظهرة علي الدين كله و لو كرة المشركون
Denomination: Dirham
Country: Abbasid Caliphate
Ruler: Al-Mansur or Abu Ja'far Abdallah ibn Muhammad al-Mansur (95AH – 158 AH (714 AD – 6 October 775 AD) was the second Abbasid Caliph reigning from 136 AH to 158 AH (754 AD – 775 AD).
Year: AH 157 (774/775)
Metal: Silver
Weight ± 2.91 g.
Diameter ± 25 mm.
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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