15-55 (1921) Tibet One Sho Coin with dot in rev. arabesque


Obverse: Lion standing left inside circle (the Symbol of Tibet), In the eight petals of the symbolic lotus have inscription in Tibetan (Is translated as "The Ganden Palace victorious in all directions")
Obverse legend: “| དགའ | ལྡ ན | ཕོ | བྲང | ཕྱོཌ | ལས | རྣམ | ཆྱལ |”
Reverse: In the center of the coin – horizontal inscription of denomination - 1 sho.
Reverse legend: “ཞོ·གད (In the center) Ɛ-o-3 ༨༠ Ɛ-o-3 ཉ Ɛ-o-3 ༡ ༦ Ɛ-o-3 ལོ Ɛ-o-3 ༥ ༢ - ༦༠, ༡ “
Edge: reeded
Denomination: 1 Sho
Country: Tibet
Year: 15-55 (1921)
Metal: Copper
Weight ± 5.88 g
Diameter ± 24 mm
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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