1329-1339 Soldino Italian States-Venice, Francesco Dandolo as Doge Venice Mint Hammered Silver Coin


Obverse: Doge kneeling left, holding banner.

Obverse legend: “✠ • FRA • DAN DVLO • DVX •”

Reverse: St. Marcus lion with nimbus standing to the left, holding banner with both claws.

Reverse legend: “✠ S MARCVS VENETI”

Edge: plain

Denomination: Soldino

Country: Italian States-Venice

Ruler: Francesco Dandolo (died 1339) was the 52nd Doge of Venice. He ruled from 1329 to 1339. During his reign Venice began its policy of extending its territory on the Italian mainland.

Year: 1329-1339

Metal: Silver

Weight ± 0.75 g

Diameter ± 17 mm

Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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