AH 873-911 (1469-1506) Tanka Timurid Empire Mongol Husain Ibn Baiqara Silver Islamic Coin Herat Mint

Obverse: legend

Obverse legend: al-sultan al-a’zam / abu’l-ghazi husayn sultan / bahadur khallada allah ta’ala mulkahu / wa sultanahu, unread date or the three-circle Timurid tamgha

Reverse: legend

Reverse legend: la ilah illa allah / muhammad rasul allah aba bakr al-sadiq, ‘umar al-faruq, ‘uthman al-‘affan, ‘ali al-murtada

Denomination: Tanka

Country: Timurid Empire (Mongol States)

Ruler: Sultan Husayn Bayqara Mirza (June/July 1438 – 4 May 1506) was the Timurid ruler of Herat from 1469 until May 4, 1506, with a brief interruption in 1470.

Year: AH 873-911 (1469-1506)

Mint: Herat

Metal: Silver

Weight ± 4.75 g.

Diameter ± 25.5 mm

Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!
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