41 – 42 Judea Prutah Herod Agrippa I Jérusalem Biblical Coins

Obverse: Umbrella-like canopy with fringes

Obverse legend: “ΒΑCΙΛΕWC ΑΓΡΙΠΑ”

Reverse: Three ears of barley and leaves

Reverse legend: “L Ϛ”

Edge: plain

Country: Judea

Ruler: Herod Agrippa, also known as Herod or Agrippa I (11 BC – 44 AD), was a King of Judea from 41 to 44 AD. He was the last ruler with the royal title reigning over Judea and the father of Herod Agrippa II, the last king from the Herodian dynasty. The grandson of Herod the Great and son of Aristobulus IV and Berenice.

Denomination: 1 Prutah

Year: 41 - 42

Metal: Bronze

Weight ±: 2.16 g.

Diameter ±: 16.4-18 mm

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