330-348 AD Roman Empire Rare City Commemorative Constantine the Great AE4 Coin Wolf and Twins type

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Constantine the Great and his sons issued small bronze coins commemorating the old capital, Rome, and the new capital, Constantinople, to symbolize the equality of the two cities and the new importance of Constantinople to the Empire.

Obverse: Roma Helmeted with Plume and wearing Imperial Mantle, bust left.
Obverse legend: “VRBS ROMA”
Reverse: Romulus and Remus suckling from she-wolf, 2 stars above, dot in crescent PLG in ex.
Country: Roman Empire
Ruler: Constantine the Great also known as Constantine I or Saint Constantine was a Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 AD.
Denomination: AE4
Year: 330-348 AD
Metal: Bronze
Weight ±: 2.21 g.
Diameter ±: 15.8 mm
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