1910s France Chauvigny Vienne L’entrée de la Ville Postcard


The postcard depicts the entrance to the town of Chauvigny in the Vienne department of France. The caption reads:

"1 - CHAUVIGNY (Vienne) - L'Entrée de la Ville"

The photograph was taken by Caillaud, a local photographer based in Chauvigny.

The image shows a view of the main entrance to Chauvigny, capturing the architecture and daily life of the town during the early 20th century. People are seen walking along the road, and the town's historic buildings and the church can be seen in the background.

Chauvigny is known for its rich history and medieval architecture. The town is located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and boasts several historical monuments, including the Château des Évêques and the Collégiale Saint-Pierre. These landmarks are part of the medieval city that sits atop a hill, providing a picturesque view of the town below.

The photograph was taken by Caillaud, a photographer from Chauvigny, indicating a local origin for this postcard. This helps in preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the area.

This postcard captures a moment in time, reflecting the town's atmosphere and architecture. Such images are valuable for understanding the historical context and urban development of Chauvigny.

If you have any specific questions or need further details about this postcard, the town of Chauvigny, or its historical landmarks, feel free to ask!

Size: 14 cm x 9 cm
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