1917s France Word War I Ruins Calais Their’s and Valenciennes’s Street Postcard


The postcard depicts the ruins of buildings in Calais, France, during World War I. The caption on the front of the postcard reads:

"506 LES RUINES DE LA GRANDE GUERRE. - Calais. - Angle des rues Thiers et de Valenciennes. Maisons bombardées. - Great War Ruins. - Calais. - Thiers and Valenciennes's Streets, bombarded houses. - LL"

The image shows the devastating impact of wartime bombardment on the buildings at the corner of Thiers and Valenciennes streets. The photograph captures the skeletal remains of a once-standing house, now reduced to rubble and debris, highlighting the destructive nature of the war.

The reverse side of the postcard is blank, with standard postcard markings for correspondence and address. The card is noted as part of the "Levy Fils et Cie, Paris" collection, indicating it was produced by a well-known publisher of the time.

This postcard serves as a poignant historical document, offering a visual reminder of the destruction caused by World War I. It is a valuable piece for collectors and historians interested in wartime memorabilia and the history of Calais.

If you have any specific questions or need further details about this postcard, the ruins in Calais, or its historical context, feel free to ask!

Size: 14 cm x 9 cm

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