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This antique photo postcard from the year 1914 features a group of five German soldiers during World War I. The soldiers are posing outdoors, with three seated on a bench and two standing behind them. They are wearing typical German military uniforms of the era, including caps and overcoats. The setting appears to be a courtyard or garden area, possibly within a military barracks or training ground.
The reverse side of the postcard includes a handwritten message in German, dated November 10, 1914, from Heidelberg. The message reads:
"Heidelberg, den 10.11.14. Meine Lieben! Hier schicken wir euch ein Bild von Vater da er heute Abend nach Frankfurt abgereist ist. Es geht ihm gut und er ist guter Dinge. Hoffentlich seid ihr auch alle wohlauf. Liebe Grüße, [Name]"
This translates to:
"Heidelberg, November 10, 1914. My Dear Ones! Here we send you a picture of Father as he left for Frankfurt this evening. He is well and in good spirits. Hopefully, you are all doing well. Best regards, [Name]"
The postcard is addressed to Mr. Jakob Schumann in Frankfurt, at 4 Rodheimer Street. It bears a postage stamp from the German Empire.
This postcard serves as a historical document, offering a personal glimpse into the lives of German soldiers during World War I. It is a valuable piece for collectors and historians interested in military history, World War I memorabilia, and early 20th-century correspondence.
Size±: 14 cm x 9 cm
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