1914-1918 World War I German Soldier with Sword Military Antique Photo WW1 Postcard Army History


This antique photo postcard from the World War I era (1914-1918) features a German soldier in full military uniform. The soldier is standing indoors in a formal studio setting, holding a sword with one hand while resting the other on an ornate wooden chair. The backdrop includes a small table with a vase of flowers, adding a touch of formality and detail to the scene.

The reverse side of the postcard is blank, with standard postcard markings for correspondence and address. The left side notes "Photographie RICHARD JAHNIG, DRESDEN-A., nur Äußere Webergasse 12 (Hans.-Weigl & Zehn.)," indicating the photographer or studio responsible for the photograph.

This postcard serves as a historical document, offering a glimpse into the personal lives and military attire of German soldiers during World War I. It is a valuable piece for collectors and historians interested in military history, World War I memorabilia, and early 20th-century photography.

Size ±: 14 cm x 9 cm

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The objects are exclusively for collectors of military-historical objects. The owner of this website does not have any political and/or other motives.

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