1914 – 1918 First World War Germany Soldiers Military Photograph Postcard WW1


The postcard features a photograph of German soldiers from the First World War, taken between 1914 and 1918. The image shows a group of 5 soldiers in uniform, posing outdoors beside a building. The soldiers wear typical German military attire from World War I, including overcoats and peaked caps. The photo captures a moment of camaraderie and military life during the war.

The reverse side of the postcard contains a handwritten message in German. The message reads:

"Liebe Schwester,
Hier siehst du ein Bild von mir und meinen Kameraden. Wir haben heute eine ruhige Zeit und hoffen, dass es so bleibt. Gestern hatten wir einen schweren Tag, aber wir haben durchgehalten. Wie geht es euch allen zu Hause? Ich denke oft an euch.
Herzliche Grüße,

This translates to:

"Dear Sister,
Here you see a picture of me and my comrades. We have a quiet time today and hope it stays that way. Yesterday was a tough day, but we held out. How is everyone at home? I think of you often.
Warm regards,

The card also includes the photographer or publisher's details: "Photographie & Verlag: Atelier Gebr. Rieger G.m.b.H."

This postcard serves as a historical document, offering a glimpse into the lives of German soldiers during World War I. It is a valuable piece for collectors and historians interested in military history, World War I memorabilia, and early 20th-century photography.

If you have any specific questions or need further details about this postcard, the soldiers, or its historical context, feel free to ask!

Size ± 14 cm x 9 cm

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Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!

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