1908 United Kingdom Harrogate The George Hotel Postcard sended to 26 Dover Street, Norwich, Norfolk


The postcard features an image of The George Hotel in Harrogate, a well-known spa town in North Yorkshire, England. The image shows the hotel's exterior, along with the crest of Harrogate on the left side, highlighting the town's heritage and significance.

The front of the postcard depicts The George Hotel, a prominent establishment in Harrogate. The hotel's Victorian architecture is evident, reflecting the period's style and the town's status as a fashionable spa destination. Harrogate has been famous for its therapeutic waters since the 16th century, attracting visitors seeking health treatments and leisure.

The back of the postcard contains a handwritten message and is addressed to Mrs. P. Hypperson at 26 Dover Street, Norwich, Norfolk. The message reads:

"Dear E., I received order quite safe. I will write more in a few days. Love from J.C."

The postcard is postmarked from Harrogate, dated May 28, 1908, and features a half-penny stamp.

The George Hotel has been a significant part of Harrogate's hospitality scene for over a century. Harrogate itself has a rich history as a spa town, known for its mineral springs and elegant hotels that catered to visitors from across the country and beyond. The crest on the postcard includes the Latin phrase "Arx Celebris Fontibus," which translates to "A citadel famous for its springs," underscoring Harrogate's reputation for its therapeutic waters.

The postcard is published by W & Sons, a notable publisher of postcards during that era, contributing to the documentation and promotion of local landmarks and attractions.

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