1920 France Albi Cathedral Postcard


The postcard features the Albi Cathedral (Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile d'Albi) in Albi, France. This is a significant landmark known for its unique Gothic architecture and historical importance.

The front of the postcard displays a photograph of the Albi Cathedral, also known as Sainte-Cécile Cathedral. The caption "Le Tarn Illustré – 37. ALBI – Cathédrale Ste-Cécile" indicates it is part of a series illustrating landmarks from the Tarn department in southern France. The cathedral is renowned for its imposing Gothic structure, which stands out due to its fortress-like appearance.

The back of the postcard contains a handwritten message and is addressed to Monsieur Henri Weiss at Rue du Village, Affoltern-Albis, Switzerland. The message reads:

Dear [name],
I received your order safely. I will write more in a few days. Love from [signature]."

The postcard is postmarked and stamped, indicating it was sent from Toulouse on December 4, 1920. The publisher's information "Phototypie Tarnaise, Poux, Albi" is printed at the bottom, identifying the company that produced the postcard.

Albi Cathedral, constructed between 1282 and 1480, is one of the largest brick buildings in the world. Its fortress-like design reflects its dual role as a place of worship and a symbol of Catholic power during the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars. The interior of the cathedral is equally impressive, featuring intricate frescoes and one of the most extensive painted decors in France.

Phototypie Tarnaise, based in Albi, was known for producing postcards that captured the essence of local landmarks and scenes. Their work is a valuable record of historical sites and provides insight into the early 20th-century postcard industry in France.

If you have any specific questions or need further details about this postcard, the history of Albi Cathedral, or the publisher, feel free to ask!

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