1910s Japan Nikko, Riuzu Waterfall Postcard 1 and 3 Japanese Sen Stamps 47 Berkeley Road, Coventry, England


The postcard depicts the Ryuzu Waterfall in Nikko, Japan, dating back to the 1910s. The caption on the front of the postcard reads:

"117 Ryuzu Waterfall, Nikko, Japan."

The image showcases the picturesque Ryuzu Waterfall, with its cascading waters surrounded by lush forested scenery, capturing the natural beauty and tranquility of this renowned location.

The reverse side of the postcard features a handwritten message dated 8/8/13, addressed to "Mrs. Mitchell, 47 Berkeley Road, Coventry, England." The sender writes:

"My dear K, I will write a long letter on Sunday & tell you as much as I can about Japan or what I have seen of it so far. Love from Jim."

The postcard is marked "Via Siberia," indicating its route of travel. Additionally, there are two Japanese postage stamps affixed to the card, adding to its historical value.

This postcard is part of early 20th-century correspondence, offering a glimpse into the personal communications and travel experiences of that era. It serves as a valuable piece for collectors and enthusiasts of historical postcards, Japanese landscapes, and early 20th-century ephemera.

If you have any specific questions or need further details about this postcard, the Ryuzu Waterfall, or its historical context, feel free to ask!

Size: 14 cm x 9 cm
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