1905 Antique Finland Medal Centenary of the Birth of Johann Snellman Medallist E. Wikström


This antique medal from 1906 commemorates the centenary of the birth of Johan Vilhelm Snellman, a prominent Finnish statesman, philosopher, and writer. The medal, designed by E. Wikström, highlights Snellman's significant contributions to Finnish national identity and education.
Johan Vilhelm Snellman (12 May 1806 – 4 July 1881) was an influential Fennoman philosopher and Finnish statesman, ennobled in 1866.
Obverse: The obverse features a detailed portrait of Johan Vilhelm Snellman facing right. The inscription around the portrait reads "JOH. VILH. SNELLMAN 1806 - 1906".
Obverse legend: JOH.WILH.SNELLMAN. 1806. 1906.
Reverse: The reverse side depicts an allegorical scene with a figure diving into water, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and progress. Above the scene, an allegorical figure holding a shield with the Finnish coat of arms sits on a cloud, representing Finland. The surrounding inscription reads "KANSALLINEN SIVISTYS SUOMEN AINOA TURVA" (National Education is Finland's Only Safeguard).
Edge: plain
Country: Finland
Medallist: E. Wikström
Year: 1905 [struck 1905]
Metal: Bronze
Weight ±: 77 g.
Diameter ±: 56 mm
This medal is a significant artifact for collectors and historians, providing a tangible connection to Johan Vilhelm Snellman's legacy and the early 20th century Finnish national movement.
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