1854’s Victorian Ring Gold Cameo Antique 15ct Carved Hardstone , Painter Raphael.

An antique solid 15 carat gold women's ring, beautifully made, and set with a wonderful quality hardstone cameo.
The ring is elegant and superbly comfortable to wear. Very good condition.
This UK size O (APPROX US SIZE: 7 1/2. APPROX EU SIZE: 55 1/4)
Ring is marked 15k and weighs 3.4 grams. The cameo is 14mm long by 11mm wide and in excellent condition. Painter Raphael on cameo.
15ct gold was the Victorian favourite (it has a gold content of 625 parts per 1000 or 62.5% gold). Up to 1854 the legal standards for gold were 18ct and 22ct. In 1854 these standards were broadened with 15ct, 12ct and 9ct.Before 1854 there were no 9ct, 12ct or 15ct Gold marked British Jewelry. 12 ct and 15 ct were discontinued in 1932 in Britain when the 14ct standard was introduced.
A beautiful and fabulously wearable antique cameo ring!
Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed!
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