Troika Pottery: Modernist Masterpieces from Cornwall

Troika pottery refers to a distinctive style of pottery produced by the Troika Pottery company in Cornwall, England, during the mid-20th century. Established in 1963 by Leslie Illsley, Benny Sirota, and Jan Thompson, the Troika Pottery quickly gained recognition for its unique and avant-garde designs.

Characteristics of Troika Pottery:

1. Modernist Designs: Troika Pottery is characterized by its modernist and abstract designs. The pottery pieces often featured bold geometric shapes, textured surfaces, and innovative forms that set them apart from traditional ceramic pieces.

2. Handcrafted: Troika Pottery was known for its commitment to handcrafting each piece. Skilled artisans created the pottery using various techniques such as slabbing, coiling, and press-molding.

3. Decorative Glazes: The pottery pieces were decorated with vibrant and eye-catching glazes. The glazing techniques resulted in a wide range of colors, including vivid blues, greens, yellows, and reds, adding to the visual appeal of the pottery.

4. Markings: Troika Pottery pieces were usually marked with the company's stamped or incised logo on the base, along with the artist's initials or signature.

5. Collectible: Today, Troika Pottery has become highly collectible among pottery enthusiasts and art collectors. The company's short production span (1963-1983) and unique designs contribute to the desirability and value of its pieces.

Throughout its existence, Troika Pottery went through different phases and design styles. The pottery produced during the early years is often considered the most sought-after by collectors. In later years, the company experimented with more experimental and diverse designs, reflecting the changing artistic trends of the time.

Despite its relatively short production period, Troika Pottery made a lasting impact on the British ceramics industry and the world of art pottery. Its pieces continue to be treasured for their artistic and aesthetic qualities, as well as their representation of a specific period in British pottery history.
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