The HMV 900: Pioneering Television Reception in the Late 1930s

The HMV 900 is recognized as one of the early television receivers produced by the British company HMV (His Master's Voice). Introduced in the late 1930s, it was among the first commercially available television sets in the United Kingdom.
The HMV 900 television receiver was designed to receive and display broadcasted television signals, allowing viewers to watch television programming in their homes. It featured a cathode ray tube (CRT) display, which produced the images on the screen using electron beams.
The HMV 900 had a relatively small screen size, likely around 9 inches or less, as larger displays were not yet practical at the time due to technological limitations and cost. The image quality on these early television sets was also relatively low-resolution compared to modern standards.
The design of the HMV 900 television receiver reflected the aesthetics of the era, with a wooden cabinet that housed the electronics and a speaker for audio output. These early television sets were often considered a luxury item and were owned by relatively few households due to their high cost.
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