Mercedes-Benz - 220S Ponton W180 - 1958

Mercedes-Benz - 220S Ponton W180 - 1958

- Beautiful color combination
- Completed original service booklet
- Well maintained and original copy
- Several decades in Swedish family ownership

The W180 is the chassis code used as the name for the 220a and 220s models from Mercedes-Benz. The 220a models were given the title 'W180 1' and the 220s were named 'W180 2'. This concerns the models from 1954 to 1959.

There were 3 versions available; the coupe, convertible and finally, the sedan in question. All of these models were equipped with a 6-cylinder. The two 2's in '220s' can be thought of as the engine displacement. The engine block consists of a 2.2 liter in-line six-cylinder. The first versions produced about 100 hp, but later the use of 2 carburetors was applied, which produced 6 hp more.

Until the end of production in October 1959, a total of approximately 55,279 saloon models were produced.

If you are looking for a beautiful and original documented model, you have come to the right place. This is a beautiful 220S from 1958. It has a dark blue paint with a comparable dark blue interior.

Considering its age it is in nice condition. From the bodywork to the interior. The upholstery of the seats is a combination of light blue/gray and dark blue, together with a gray headliner. The iconic 13-inch hubcaps also complete the look. The chrome is neat and gives nice details to the car.

This copy was originally delivered on 3/12/1958 to Mr. Wilhelm Grahn in Umeå Sweden. The following odometer readings including date and location could be retrieved from the original service booklet:

- 467 - 9/2/1959 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 2,379 - 16/3/1959 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 3,976 - 9/6/1959 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 8,343 - 13/8/1959 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 12,828 - 26/10/1959 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 16,292 - 9/6/1960 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 20,317 - 19/8/1960 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 24,000 - 20/11/1960 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 28,618 - 30/6/1961 - Umeå Bilcentrum, Umeå Sweden
- 32.017 - 27/9/1961 - Bilågarnas Inköpsfören, Umeå Sweden
- 39,000+/- - 5/7/1963 - Umeå Sweden
- 48,300 - 6/11/1964 - Umeå Sweden
- 54.422 - 19/1/1966 - Umeå Karosseri & Bilservice, Umeå Sweden
- 60,054 - 18/5/1967 - Umeå Sweden
- 63,000+/- 25/1/1968 - Umeå Sweden
- 68,000+/- 21/1/1970 - Umeå Sweden

As can be seen above, the services over the years have mainly taken place at Umeå Bilcentrum in Umeå Sweden. At the time, this was a car dealer specialized in Mercedes-Benz, DKW, Simca and Audi.

Over the years, the Mercedes-Benz has always been well taken care of. Every year services, inspections and everything that was needed. In 1985, the paint of the W180 was completely overhauled and perfected. In 2000 it was equipped with a new galvanized exhaust system. In addition, other miscellaneous things happened at that time, such as replacing the fabric of the driver's seat and the door panel on the driver's side. This was done with original fabric to keep the condition as pure as possible.

New shock absorbers, replacement of rubbers, and more parts have been replaced. It traveled 1,000+/- kilometers every year until 2005 to maintain its technical condition. The car has always been kept in a heated garage when it was not driving. The odometer currently reads only 4,656. But this amounts to a total number of original kilometers of 104,656.

On January 2, 2006, the Mercedes-Benz was registered on a Dutch license plate for the first time after being exported from Stockholm. Since then it has always been owned by Dutch enthusiasts. In 2019, major maintenance was carried out at the Mercedes-Benz classic specialist, worth approximately €7,800.

The 2.2 liter in-line six-cylinder engine runs smoothly and the manual gearbox shifts smoothly.

In terms of documentation, there are several papers available. In addition to the service booklet mentioned earlier, there is an original manual. This comes along with various invoices, inspections and registration papers.

In short, a well-maintained and cared for Mercedes-Benz 220S which, with its original documentation, is a proud possession.

Naturally, this Mercedes has suffered minor signs of wear, see photos.

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